Ellie Ears (4 Patterns)

Good to Grow



Providing head support for babies - preschoolers. These one size fits all pillows can be used in swings, strollers, carseats and even hiking back packs.


I was given a similar product as a gift from my chiropractor after having my 3rd child and we loved this very useful head support for a baby who HATED being on her back


We researched similar products and created a design that fits both style and function. The large pillows frame babe's head and look like little elephant ears, providing head support and correct cervical spine alignment when in an upright position. They are also helpful with decreasing the risk of flat spots on infants heads and can provide much needed support to children with low muscle tone or other special needs.


Ellie Ears are so simple your toddler can use them on their own!

Once your little is settled in their seat in an upright position simple slide the bar between the two Ears behind their neck, with the long part of the Ears resting on their shoulders. Give the bottom of the Ears a tug to pull them snug and you are good to go!

They do NOT attach to any restraint mechanisms and have a very thin bar connecting the "Ears" to each other, that fits in the space between the child's neck and their seat.

Care: Cold Wash and Tumble Dry - Easy Peasy!


***Blankets pictured are not included.