Chewbeads Pacifier Clips (4 Styles)

Good to Grow



A stylish pacifier clip is the perfect way to save time. Babies are always dropping their pacifiers, so to keep things clean and sanitary means constant trips to wash things off so baby isn’t putting something dirty in their mouth. Our perfect baby safe pacifier clip helps you keep your child comforted and stress free. Cute stars and hearts, fun dinosaurs, and girly butterfly designs add the perfect touch of personality to these fun pacifier clips.

These great pacifier clips are made from 100% silicone so babies can easily use them to soothe or teethe. Some of the beads even glow in the dark to add a touch of fun to your nighttime routine. Gone are the days of searching under the couch for lost pacifiers and teething toys. Try our cute pacifier clip for babies today!

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