Bright Starts Merry Sunshine Rocker

Good to Grow


Soothe and calm your little one with ease. This Bright Starts Merry Sunshine Rocker is ideal for both babies and toddlers, with a weight capacity of 3 to 18kg (6 to 40lb.). It rocks back and forth, can be locked into position as a stationary seat, and features a removable toy bar. It also offers full body recline with 2 different positions.

More Information

  • Weight capacity: 3 to 18kg (6 to 40lb.)
  • Rocker is an ideal seat for both babies and toddlers
  • Rocks back and forth, and can be locked into place for use as a stationary seat
  • Back and forth motion and soothing vibration will help calm and entertain baby
  • Kickstand, which is located out of baby’s way, easily locks seat into a stationary position
  • Full body recline with 2 positions can be adjusted to suit baby’s needs
  • As baby grows, the toy bar can be removed and the rocker and stationary seat can be used by toddlers up to 40lbs
  • Fabric is easy to remove and is machine washable

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