Fox and Chaos Outdoor Spray 150 ml. (2 Scents)

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Coming at cha for the loooong weekend... an awesome outdoor spray to take with you while you PLAY • CAMP • HIKE • ADVENTURE this summer away.
It’s a major staple in many families adventure bags. The mini is perfect for quick outings and impromptu picnics. The large size is sturdy enough to handle hectic beach days and long nights.
Packed with Aloe Vera and colloidal silver to provide a silky feel and gentle on skin, topped off with powerful (and delicious smelling) essential oils to keep your bodies (and those you hold dear) free from big bites.

Two awesome scents:

THANG 1: smells like a fresh west coast forest & eucalyptus

THANG 2: smells like a sweet, fruity citrus.

These aren’t your typical sticky, rank smelling bug sprays. These will keep you smelling great to us humans and as a bonus it won’t stain your clothing. (When used properly did course) .

APPLICATION: shake it up 😎 it’s always best to spray on your clothing and avoid your eyes and mouth. It smells great, but it’s not juice!