Goodbyn Ice Pack

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Cold to the Core. 5.2 fl.oz. ice pack to keep things cold. Works with Goodbyn Bynto, Salad or Sandwich, Small Meal, Snacks containers (sold separately).

Please note, Goodbyn Ice does not fit inside any of the container compartments; it is designed to go next to the containers, inside the insulated bag. The Arctic Zone for Goodbyn Insulated Bags have an interior pocket designed to fit Goodbyn Ice.

No More Blue Goo. Filled with purified water. No BPAs or phthalates, Lead-Safe, FDA-approved materials. Made of #2 HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

Recycleable. Goodbyn products are built to last. But when you’re done, they are completely recycleable.

Hand Washable with mild detergent.

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