OXO TOT Straw/Sippy Cup Cleaning Set (2 Colors)

Good to Grow


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The straw brush is the perfect length to reach down into all Straw Cups and kids' sports bottles.

The lid brush eases into tight spots on the underside of tops and even breast pump parts.

The slim-as-a-toothpick sippy-spout explores even the tiniest openings to ensure no drop of juice is left behind.

All three tools have non-slip handles so cleaning is easy, even when wet, and hang together on a plastic ring to keep them handy.


Set includes:

- Sippy Cup Top & Pump Parts Brush, Straw Brush and Sippy Spout Cleaner
- Soft, broad, non-slip handles for easy use, even when wet
- Tools easily detach from ring for use and clip on for storage
- Dishwasher safe Three tiny tools, each sized perfectly for hard-to-clean parts