Lemigo Termix Boots

Good to Grow



Winter and Rain boot for children.

Warm & Ultra light -- Made of great quality, strong and ultra light material EVA.

Wipe to clean.

Use standard detergent for washing liner at temperature of 40*C.

Great grips

Stay flexible to -30C

Produced in double sizes as boots will fit approximately 1 size larger when liners are removed.


European Sizing

Canadian Sizing



Size 22-23

Size 6-7

Size 24-25

Size 8-9

Size 26-27

Size 9.5-10.5

Size 28-29

Size 10.5-11.5

Size 30-31

Size 12-13

Size 32-33

Size 1-2

Size 34-35

Size 2.5-3.5

Size 36-37

Size 4-5