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  1. AppleCheeks Plush Wipes


    AppleCheeks Rayon from Bamboo Wipes: Stop using disposable wipes that are damaging to your baby's health and the environment! Our 8" x 8" 70% rayon from bamboo /30% cotton wipes can be used with plain water or with a wipe...
  2. AppleCheeks Starter Kit: Stay-Dry Microterry (Size 1 or 2)


    Our new Stay-Dry Microterry Starter kit includes 3 Envelope Covers  9 Stay-Dry Microterry Inserts, 6 plush bamboo wipes and a size 1 Zip Sac. This new Starter Kit makes a GREAT shower gift and is an excellent way to try...
  3. AppleCheeks Flushable Diaper Liners


    No more rinsing off messy diapers in the toilet! These flushable liners make clean up a cinch. Simply lie them on top of your diaper and when baby poops, dump the whole thing into the toilet. Just flush and bye-bye...
  4. AppleCheeks Microfleece Liner: 5 Pack


    • Use on top of absorbent inserts to pull moisture away from baby’s bottom and leave skin feeling dry and healthy. • Makes poop disposal a breeze. Simply slide any solids off into the toilet and launder as usual with...
  5. AppleCheeks Bamboo Booster


    Does our 2-layer rayon from bamboo insert not quite meet the needs of your VERY heavy wetter? Need a little something extra? Our 2-layer rayon from bamboo/organic cotton booster is a great way to bump up your system's absorbency. Wrap...
  6. AppleCheeks Rayon from Bamboo Inserts: 2 Pack (2 Absorbancy Options)

    from $18.50

    Two layers of ultra-soft 70% rayon from bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece give you the ultimate in comfort and absorbency! Fold this approximately 12″ x 15″ insert into thirds and you get six layers in the soaker zone.  Rayon from Bamboo...
  7. AppleCheeks Microterry Insert: 2 Pack


    These new inserts are an innovative approach to our hybrid diapering system. The insert has a white side (stay-dry microFLEECE side) and a white with red stitching and label side (absorbent microTERRY side). When placed ON the cover for the cover+insert...
  8. AppleCheeks Gentle Cleansing Solution


    The gentle, all natural, multi-purpose disinfecting cleansing solution works perfectly in conjunction with our fabulous plush wipes. You're not limited to diaper changes with this solution. Use it on dirty hands and faces, for travel, etc. We've added Tea Tree...
  9. Applecheeks Washable Swim Diaper (2 Sizes)

    from $19.50

    Our diaper is the softest diaper on the market, and as we know you LOVE the styling of our Envelope Cover, we've translated the design to a product that really works! Two layers of 100% polyester Canadian-milled mesh allows water...
  10. AppleCheeks One-Size Diaper Little Bundles- Microterry Insert

    from $29.00

    Comes with a One-Size Stay-Dry Microterry Insert and our new one size cover. Fits most babies 6-35 lbs.